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Commercial Cleaning Robot

With the mature SLAM robot autonomous positioning and navigation technology, through the anti-collision design of lidar + 3D camera, precise navigation and positioning, replacing manual labor with robots, reducing the difficulty of ground cleaning, improving cleaning efficiency and quality. It can easily be competent for various complex large scenes, has the advantages of simple operation, comfortable use, high efficiency and quickness, and has become a new favorite in large commercial places, hotels, high-speed railway stations and other fields.


This is a multi-functional large-scale commercial cleaning robot. It is the world's first cleaning robot that integrates sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and disinfecting. It frees hands, improves floor cleaning efficiency, and creates a good healthy environment for businesses.


1.SLAM autonomous positioning and navigation technology, high-precision navigation and positioning.

2.Lidar + 3D camera + ultrasonic + optocoupler anti-collision and other anti-collision designs.

3.Supports scheduled cleaning task settings.

4.Use robots to replace labor to improve cleaning efficiency and quality.

5.The super large laser area of 430,556 square feet can easily handle various complex large scenes.

Pull type mopping module design

1. Open the lid and automatically turn off the UV lamp, and the recovery tank can be quickly taken out

2. Quick disassembly and assembly of the dust box structure makes garbage disposal easier

3. Pull-out mopping module design makes maintenance and cleaning easier

4. Door bolt design, easy to operate

5. Can quickly clean the mopping module and filter

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