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Scrubbing Mini Robot

Scrubbing Mini Robot is an interactive media scrubbing robot that combines digital and environmental concepts.
It can automatically perform scrubbing tasks through autonomous driving technology, remotely monitor machine data and schedule machine work in the background. It also provides more scientific and environmental-friendly floor cleaning services: sweeping and dust pushing during the day, deep scrubbing at night, remote online monitoring, near-field double open and dual control.


Product Features

1.    Integrating functions of floor scrubbing, cleaning, sweeping, vacuuming and sterilization
2.    1 million square meters of large space mapping, positioning, navigation iSlam technology
3.    120L water tank, buffer water tank 20L, built-in water circulation system, greatly reducing water replenishment frequency
4.    Charging 4 hours with single durance 8 hours, able to work in dark conditions, not affected by the intensity of light changes
5.    Customized 70m 3D laser and 3D depth of field ToF camera + 2D single line laser 20, 25, 50, 100, 200m ultrasonic and edge sensor system
6.    Multi-level human-machine management platform (background operation and maintenance platform I)
7.    Safety protection system in line with TUV Rheinland EN 1175-1 and EN 1525
8.    Completely independent master control system and chassis, and CAN bus structure, facilitating operation and maintenance management

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