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Food Delivery Robot

It is used for catering distribution in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other places. The robot draws a map through the navigation and positioning system, matches the scene environment and formulates the optimal travel route. The food delivery robot can automatically deliver efficiently and accurately according to the position of the table.

Food delivery robot has an independent autonomous dispatching system. Multiple robots can be linked to avoid congestion in narrow aisles. It can deliver food to the table efficiently and accurately. After delivery, it will automatically return to the initial position and wait for the next Distribution.

1. Multi-sensor fusion technology, high-precision navigation map construction, with an accuracy of ±5cm.

2. Take the initiative to avoid obstacles and ensure the safety of pedestrians in all aspects

3. Automatically return to charging when the battery is low

Food Delivery Robot (Bobo)
Mode of Operation of Food Delivery Robot
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