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Forklift Robot

Based on visual driverless platform, Forklift Robot specially designed for material transportation within 2m narrow aisles, with rated load capacity of 1.4 tons, maximum running speed of 1.3m/s, maximum lifting height of 3m, and one-key manual-auto switching mode. 

  • Standard pallet handling, fork-and-take handling of goods, clustered unmanned operation;

  • Intelligent/independent power management, low battery self-charging, maintenance-free hammer battery is safe and pollution-free;

  • Multiple protection, laser + infrared collision avoidance, collision bar, cargo detection, emergency stop button, fork sensor, sound warning, etc. equipment status indication, display screen, indicator light, etc. to display real-time status information;

  • Wireless network communication, support WIFI network communication and seamless roaming, and the network coverage area runs without obstacles.


  • Cost-effective, visual navigation (QR code + visual SLAM), indoor/semi-indoor use

  • Flexible planning (use the construction assistant software to plan the layout (path, storage location) in advance, and change it flexibly)

  • Easy to integrate (suitable for a variety of models, without changing the underlying drive of the forklift body)

  • Have a certain environmental awareness (adaptive tray placement)

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