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GloBoths Robotics is a worldwide-leading robotics company dedicated to the design, R&D, production, and sales of commercial service robots with a mission to use robots to improve the efficiency of human production and living. 

Adhering to the business goal of "achieving the commercial success of robots in various fields around the world", GloBoths is committed to promoting the commercialization of the robot industry and creating more value for global users. 





What You’ll Do

  • Responsible for r&d and design of electronic hardware of new products, specification and performance definition of electronic and electrical products, upgrade and maintenance of existing products;

  • Deal with electronic and electrical technical problems in product development and production; New product electrical scheme design, schematic design, PCBLAYOUT and component selection;

  • Prepare r&d documents during project development;

  • Provide technical and defect analysis for products and put forward improvement suggestions.

Who You are

  • Bachelor degree or above, graduated from electronics, electrical, automation, mechatronics or related majors, 3 years or above experience in electronic product development and design;

  • Familiar with electrical scheme design, key component selection, schematic design, PCB board design, PCBA board welding and debugging, etc.

  • Familiar with various electronic components, such as sensors, video monitoring equipment, motor servo system/server, single chip microcomputer, industrial computer, battery and power module, etc.

  • Be able to read and understand related electrical schematics, wiring diagrams and network deployment diagrams, and have certain hardware debugging ability;

  • Good communication and cooperation skills, proactive and hardworking.

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