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Spray Disinfection Robot

The disinfection spray robot can be applied to the daily disinfection work in hospitals, office buildings, factories, schools and other places. It can disinfect the ground and indoor air through the disinfection system and hardware equipment inside the robot. The disinfection robot can automatically, efficiently and accurately carry out disinfection and sterilization operations according to the set route or location, and has functions such as automatic operation and charging, as well as reminders of running status, operation status, and task status.

Spray Disinfection Robot.png

   The 360° automatic spray disinfection robot, dilute disinfectant with water, can effectively inhibit microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, etc. on the surface of the object. The disinfection mileage of 1000 square meters replaces manual disinfection and effectively avoids the risk of infection.

◎ Indoor autonomous mobile multi-point spray disinfection

◎ Original cloud service management platform, remote navigation deployment, time-saving and efficient

◎ It can disinfect 1000m³ of space in 15 minutes

◎ Robot cruising speed adjustable: 0.2m/s~0.8m/s

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