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UV Disinfection Robot

The UV disinfection robot adopts UV-C UV light source, and the inactivation rate of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is as high as 99.9999%, with high efficiency, broad-spectrum, thoroughness, no-tolerance and no secondary pollution and other significant advantages. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly disinfection product. 


UV disinfection robot is a fully autonomous ultraviolet disinfection robot, UV lamp output power reach up to 180W, High efficiency robot sterilizer, 360°sterilization, disinfection route intelligent control, Support trajectory and speed (0.2m/s~0.8m/s) remote control, autonomous Flexible, support autonomous navigation, automatic return to charging and automatic obstacle avoidance, it can work interruptedly 24/7and can be timed. It can do fixed-point killing in office places, shopping mall and other public places.

1. Top display structure design, easy to operate

2. Short wave ultraviolet disinfection, sterilization and disinfection effect is stronger

3. Set disinfection task regularly

4. Remote intelligent control

5. Automatic obstacle avoidance, stable and safe.

6. Remote construction of robot navigation map

8000+hours long life

UV lamps tube can lasting more than 8000 hours


Large radiation area

The disinfection area is 113 square meters, high energy radiation disinfection, and higher disinfection efficiency


180W high power UV lamp

6 UV lamps, lamp power 30W/psc, output power reach up to 180W

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